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In Texas, Employees are Protected

As a general rule, your employer has a duty under Texas common law to keep the workplace safe and free from accidental injuries. There are many types of workplace injuries and they all have different legal aspects and issues that must be accounted for. If you ever find yourself hurt on the job, hiring an experienced work injury lawyer is the first step to compensation.

Accidents in the workplace are not that unusual. Despite them being accidents they can truly cause a major disruption in your life. An injury means missing work, and missing work means no income. The law offices of Duane T. Corley understand how job injuries can affect your life. We will not only take the difficult part off of your shoulders but also get you the compensation you are owed.

Common types of On the Job Injuries include:

  • Industrial accidents and explosions
  • Failure to train properly
  • Slip and fall accidents at work
  • Failure to conduct safety inspections causing an accident
  • Negligent employees
  • Construction site accidents
  • Failure to provide safety equipment
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We Get You What You're Owed

Our law office has proven success in representing persons that have suffered with workplace injuries. We understand how life changing this can be and urge you to contact us for an initial consultation. Don't trust just anyone with your claim. Call Duane Corley today, the most experienced and ruthless workers compensation lawyer in Montgomery County.