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Cases involving construction accident injuries can be somewhat complex and contain technicalities that only an experienced law firm can help with. That's Where the Office of Duane Corley comes in. Construction companies are great at manipulating the system, absolving themselves from any liability by using contractors instead of employees. We will fight against this immoral activity for you.

Construction is a dangerous industry. Workers who are required to work with dangerous equipment or near a congested freeway know what they are facing, but that does NOT mean that accidents are just to be accepted and forgotten.

The complexity of Texas construction accident laws are due in part from tort reform measures that were passed, resulting in two distinct categories:

  • Those injuries covered by workers compensation insurance
  • Those injuries NOT covered by workers compensation insurance
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Don't Accept and Forget Incidences

Compensation for your injury on a construction site largely depends on your employer's status, the potential limits on what you can recover, and the sophisticated strategies that Duane Corley uses when representing you.