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Commercial Air Accidents: Who's to blame?

As air traffic increases, so do aviation accidents. In the past couple of years alone we have seen the increase in accidents involving aircraft. Air travel is considered to be a safer means for transportation, but when a plane accident or helicopter accident occurs, it's often fatal.

Contrary to popular belief, a commercial airline does not automatically compensate for injuries or death of a loved one. Our office is well versed in dealing with the full-time defense lawyers the airliners have on their side. You’ll need a knowledgeable aviation lawyer like Duane Corley to help you with the intricate legal processes you'll face.

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Life Altering Losses

Being a victim of a small private aircraft can be life altering. Medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering for both the victim and family can be devastating and bring much despair. That's why it is extremely important to contact a professional aviation accident attorney who can help get you through this painful time.

If you're searching for legal representation in Montgomery County, look no further than the offices of Duane Corley. We have represented many victims that have been in both private and commercial airplane and helicopter accidents for decades.