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Divorce is a legal matter that is entirely more complex than you may think, especially when children are involved. A divorce requires a seasoned Texas divorce lawyer to handle.

When you need representation for a divorce case, make sure you choose Duane T. Corley. No one has spent more time dominating the courtroom than him, so you can be confident that you have an attorney who knows the system and how to get the job done.

Some divorce legalities that the office of Duane T. Corley handles include:

  • Complex property division
  • Child custody litigation
  • Maintenance acquisition (alimony)
  • Mediation and trial representation
divoce attorney

Our goal is to walk you through the legal process, educate you on your legal issues and options, and help you avoid costly mistakes and legal consequences. We discuss the details of your case and determine the best route for you and your family. If you are going through a divorce or have a family law issue, pick up the phone and contact our office today.