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Keep Your Freedom

When a court orders probation, it allows those convicted of a crime to remain relatively free, or at least much more free than they would be if they had been ordered to serve time in jail or prison.

It's required that you serve your entire probation period and comply with all limitations imposed which will differ dependant on the crime.

These conditions may include many of the following, and failure to comply could result in your probation being revoked:

  • Failure to report to probation officer
  • Failure to pay restitution
  • Failure to do court appointed community service
  • Failing random drug testing
  • Failure to maintain employment
  • Failure to allow random searches (probationers do not have 4th amendment protection)
  • Committing a crime while under probation
  • Having firearms in possession whether a misdemeanor or felony
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Probation Violation? Lawyer up.

Probationers who violate any of the conditions imposed by the court can have their probation sentences revoked resulting in a revocation hearing. If you've been accused of violating probation in Texas or concerned you may have violated the court's orders, you should speak to a local criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You’ll need an experienced and hard-hitting attorney who has handled this process in the courtroom countless times.