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Choose the Best Counsel for Your Child

When you child is arrested thousands of questions run through your mind. Will my child go to jail? Will this arrest affect my child's future? A knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney can answer these questions with a goal of saying NO to every single one. That's exactly what the office of Duane T. Corley will do for your family.

Juvenile offense can carry serious penalties, which have the potential to affect their future tremendously. Contacting a competent and diligent juvenile defense attorney is the best thing you can do as a parent to ensure your child's future is protected.

These offenses can range from:

  • Traffic related crimes - DWI, reckless driving, hit and runs
  • Minor in Possession - possession or drug paraphernalia on or off school grounds
  • Assault and Battery or possession of weapon on school grounds
  • Juvenile theft - shoplifting, vandalism, arson, theft/stolen property
  • Sex Crimes - sexting, sexual assault, lewd behavior, indecent exposure
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Let Us Do the Talking

Juveniles under the age of 18 can be charged with many different misdemeanor or felony offenses in Texas. It's important your child never speaks to law enforcement until after you've spoken to and retained an experienced criminal lawyer familiar with representing minors in the juvenile court system.