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Insurance Disputes and Claims

If you've ever filed a claim with an insurance company, you know first hand what nightmare it can be. You've made an insurance claim and now you're involved in a dispute with your insurance company, which is not in the business of paying claims. Their goal is profitability and you need the comfort knowing your claim is being handled fairly and properly.

If your recent claim is being disputed or denied by our insurance company, call the offices of Duane Corley, which has experience working against insurance companies and how they operate.

We handle disputes and claims which include:

  • underinsured motorist claims
  • personal injury protection claims
  • life insurance claims
  • property and casualty claims
  • foundation warranty claims
  • homeowner and fire insurance claims.
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Duane Corley understands that disputes can cause both financial and emotional harm to you and your family. Let us stand up for you and ensure your rights are honored.