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The contract you entered into may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now your situation is different and you are wondering if you can get out of it. Maybe the other party changed, or maybe you never read the fine print, and it turned out to be an unfavorable contract.

Whatever your business dispute, you need to find out if you are still bound by that contract, especially if you have been served with a breach of contract lawsuit in Texas. The next step is to find a contract breach attorney that knows these matters better than anyone and can bring you the justice you deserve.

Top 5 of Breach-of-Contract types

Fraud - you were mislead or deceived into signing a contract

Duress - Someone threatened you to sign a contract.

Impracticability - Due to death, destruction of property necessary to perform business or other circumstamces attached to the person who signed the contract.o

Mistakes - Error in the contract terms or subject matter; void contract.

Satute of Limitations - claims brought up after 4 year period of contract signage.

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If you're being sued for breach of contract in Montgomery County and need an experienced lawyer, call Duane Corley's offices. We specialize in getting you out of contracts and will be diligent and smart when handling your case.