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We know Texas Debt Collection

Texas is known as a safe-haven for debt collectors, but the Law Offices of Duane T. Corley use an approach that turns the relentless pursuing of you towards the debtors. Our firm has extensive experience with both individuals and businesses with various types of debt collection issues.

No debt collection lawyer in Montgomery County has spent more time in the courtroom handling these types of cases than Duane Corley. Contact us immediately to begin reviewing your case.

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Commercial Collections

Hiding assets or using multiple business entities to delay processing are just a few of the practices we are familiar with when clients stop or delay payments. The options given to you during the process will depend on the creditor's status, so it’s important you begin the process immediately. The longer you wait, the less judgement you collect.

We urge you to contact our office so that we an discuss the circumstances surrounding your debt so that we can work up our defense strategy.